What is The Life Junkie book about?

Life Points

Each positive, measurable and repeatable activity you do gets a Life Point. The more Life Points you get, the more fulfilling your life becomes.

Your Life Score

Aiming for a 70% Life Score will give you purpose and clarity in your life. You no longer have to guess how your life is going and what you can do to improve it.

The 6 Life Elements

Life can be separated into 6 Life Elements: Home, Work, Social, Partner, Self-development, Pleasure. Each Life Element is important and you should be gaining Life Points in all of them.

1000’s Members

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Who is Simon A. Bubb?

the hub by simon a. bubb
Life Junkie book by Simon A. Bubb


  • Managing Director of two successful adult education companies based in London, England
  • Author of The Life Junkie self-help book
  • Inventor of the HUB (Hydraulic Unilateral Base) exercise device designed to exercise the calf and tibialis anterior muscles.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • PGCert in Higher and Further Education
  • MA in Computer Arts
  • NLP Practitioner with the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management)
  • Mensa member
Simon A Bubb pilot
Simon A Bubb
Simon A. Bubb sailing
dj bubbs

Experience and Hobbies

  • Senior Lecturer on BA in 3D design
  • Level 2 sailing license
  • Learning to be a private pilot
  • Music producer and DJ

Success Story

Simon Bubb

Coming from a dysfunctional and troubled family created many additional obstacles (psychological, financial, social etc.) that took decades to understand and overcome. Through trial and error, many many failures, and ultimately therapy and self-acceptance I eventually become the balanced person I am today.

As an entrepreneur I tried and failed many times (12 times in fact!) before finding business ideas and solutions that work for me.

It is true that the more you fail the more chance you have of winning, because if you’re failing it means you’re trying. However, if you keep getting the same non-desirable results, then doing the same things over and over again won’t work.

Whether in your personal life or work you too can find balance and satisfaction by following the steps laid out in The Life Junkie book, and never ever giving up.


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